Discover the Best Hotels in Mangalore

The tall, swaying coconut palms, temples, and immaculate beaches of Mangalore are well renowned. Between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Mangalore is located 352 kilometers (204 miles) west of Bengaluru. The city has various names in the various languages spoken by the distinct communities of Mangalore. Since it is located where the Netravati and Gurupura rivers meet, the city is known as…
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Top 6 Beach Resorts Near Mangalore

You Will Thank Us - Important Information on Airport and Railway of Mangalore You Need to Know


Enjoy Delicious Cuisine from 20 Popular Restaurants in Mangalore

Mangalore, a significant port city, has maintained its old-world beauty and is popular among visitors for its immaculate beaches, temples, and real seafood. The restaurants in Mangalore are fantastic places to sample regional food. Mangalorean cuisine is as diverse as its population, which is made up of settlers from Udupi, Kerala, Goa, and north India, thanks to the range of cultures present…
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12 Amazing Mangalorean Dishes You Cannot Miss Out