A Detailed Guide About Linguistic Diversity in Mangalore

Mangalore, the coastal city of Karnataka, is home to many people from different religions, castes, and cultures. The city is popular for its beaches, temples, and food.

Hence, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Karnataka. The city is also known for its linguistic diversity.

It is a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities, which explains its linguistic diversity. The region was ruled by different dynasties from time to time, which has led to varied influences on the languages spoken in Mangalore.

Here’s a closer look at the various languages spoken in Mangalore

1. Tulu

Percentage of people who speak Tulu in Mangalore: 33.7%

Tulu is the primary language of Mangalore that belongs to the Dravidian family. It is primarily spoken by Tuluvas, which denotes the people who belong to Tulu Nadu.

The Tulu language is spoken throughout the coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts in the state of Karnataka, and the Kasaragod district in Kerala. It is also spoken in some parts of Kodagu (Coorg), Karnataka.

Its roots go back to several centuries with the earliest inscriptions dating back to the 15th century. Some of the earlier works written in Tulu lipi were Sri Bhagavato and Kaveri.

The Tulu language has a long oral tradition, but in recent times, the language is rarely written down in Tulu script. Instead, the Kannada script is commonly used to write the Tulu language.

But the rich oral tradition of the Tulu language is preserved and can be seen in the form of epic poems called pardana which is commonly performed during Bhoota Kola (traditional worship ritual of Tulu Nadu).

2. Kannada

Percentage of people who speak Kannada in Mangalore: 12.45%

Kannada is one of the classical languages recognized by the Government of India and has about 43 million native speakers across India.

As a state language, it is spoken predominantly in Karnataka as well as parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Maharashtra.

Mangalore is home to a large number of Kannada speakers. Kannada is taught as a first language in several schools and colleges. There are also a number of radio stations in Mangalore that broadcast in the Kannada language.

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3. Konkani

Percentage of people who speak Konkani in Mangalore: 14.03%

Konkani is a widely spoken language in Mangalore and is considered the mother tongue of many Mangaloreans. Both Hindu and Christian communities speak the Konkani language.

Konkani-speaking people live mainly in Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Kerala. The Konkani language does not have any script of its own and gets written in Devanagari (Hindi script) in Goa and Maharashtra, and Kannada script in Karnataka.

In Kerala, it gets written in Malayalam script. The Konkani spoken in Mangalore is called “Mangalorean Konkani”.

What sets it apart from other Konkani dialects such as Goan Konkani/Karwari Konkani (spoken in North Goa) is that it has many words borrowed from Tulu and Malayalam languages due to centuries of being influenced by these two languages.

4. Beary

Beary is a Dravidian language spoken by Muslim communities in the Karnataka and Kerala states. It is similar to Kannada and Malayalam languages.

Mangalore’s Beary language has been greatly influenced by many other languages, including Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu, and Urdu. The patterns and spelling of Mangalore’s Beary language are remarkably similar to other Dravidian languages.

Additionally, the sounds and grammatical structure of the Beary language are very similar to that of other languages primarily used in southern India.

5. English

If you are visiting Mangalore on a vacation and are not familiar with the local languages, you can converse in English as well. The people are generally friendly and will be able to help you with your sightseeing.

People in Mangalore are well educated and can communicate in English, but most of them opt to engage every day in Kannada or Tulu as their primary language.

6. Malayalam

Percentage of people who speak Malayalam in Mangalore: 5.64%

As Mangalore is bordering Kerala state, close to 5% of the population also converse in the Malayalam language. Mangalore can be considered as one of the gateways to Kerala.

Because of this, it is an important center of commerce and education for Keralites. Many people come to Mangalore for education, medical, and business purposes.

Due to this, you can find a lot of people communicating in the Malayalam language in Mangalore.


In conclusion, Mangalore is a city with great linguistic diversity. This diversity can be seen in the city’s many different dialects and languages. It is not just a city but a place where people from various communities live in harmony with each other.

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