Good Handwriting -How Important Is It?

Good handwriting may be the last thing on a student’s mind. The rush of the hour, the hectic schedules and the volley of assignments to complete, take precedence over good handwriting.

However, it is very important for students to concentrate on adopting good handwriting because it has its own benefits.

Handwriting is unique to every individual. It is like a thumbprint. Different and unique for everyone. There are so many aspects involved in handwriting.

Handwriting encompasses the following

  • Formation of letters
  • Amount of pressure applied on paper
  • The positioning of arms on writing base
  • Position of fingers while holding the pen or pencil
  • Spacing between letters

Based on the above aspects handwriting can be classified into two namely good handwriting and bad handwriting. Good handwriting is one that is legible and makes for pleasant reading.

Whereas bad handwriting is one that is illegible and difficult to read.

It is very important for students to have good handwriting. The advantages of having good handwriting will prove beneficial to students in more ways than one.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of The Benefits of Good Handwriting for Students.

Retention Power

Good handwriting contributes to the power of retention of the brain. How you may ask? The answer is simple. The brain is able to comprehend the text without much effort and can therefore retain it easily too.

It is also a proven fact that you prefer to read something written well rather than take the effort of an illegible text.

On a more scientific route, the importance of handwriting is seen in research that shows the brain engages more with text written by hand rather than text typed on a keyboard.

The brain has the capacity to retain more information when the matter is written by hand.

This research conducted in Norway and published in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology, make use of electrodes placed across the skull.

It recorded changes in brain activity while performing certain tasks. In this case, writing and typing on the keyboard.

The experiment revealed that areas of the brain co-related with working memory and encoding new information were more active during handwriting.

Brain Development

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An article on the effects of experience on functional brain development in pre-literate children was published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

According to the research, there was evidence to prove that brain activation during letter perception is influenced in different, important ways by previous handwriting of letters versus previous typing or tracing of those same letters.

When preliterate children perceive letters, only free-form printing experience results in the recruitment of the visual areas used in letter-processing and the motor regions seen in letter production.

This finding adds to previous research showing that letter perception is facilitated by handwriting experience, and it further suggests that handwriting experience is important for letter processing in the brain.

Thus, it is a proven fact that writing in hand improves brain development in children.

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Good Handwriting- Great Marks

Teachers, right from primary care to college, stress good handwriting. In fact, some teachers award additional marks for good handwriting to encourage students.

Adopting good handwriting impresses the examiner. It encourages the examiner to read your text. Illegible handwriting discourages the examiner and leaves a bad impression.

Reading bad handwriting is difficult and needs the effort to comprehend. Usually, examiners are put off if they have to correct an answer paper in bad handwriting.

So, this is the time you can impress your examiner. Good handwriting creates a lasting impression

Motivates the Writer

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Another importance of good handwriting is that it motivates the writer. When you are able to write beautifully and neatly it encourages you to write. Looking at your neat work makes you want to write more.

Also, when you impress a teacher with your handwriting, your teacher might showcase your work to the rest of the class as an example for neat work. This encourages and motivates you to write well.

Reflects Your Character

A person with good handwriting is a more an organised person than one with bad handwriting.

Though not scientifically proven, it is true because a person who has good handwriting takes the effort to make their work look good.

Rather than a person with bad handwriting who just wants to complete work assigned to them.

A Career out Of Handwriting

Believe it or not, you can also make a career out of handwriting.

Calligraphy is the visual art out of handwriting. It involves the use of certain special tools like broad-tipped instruments, brushes, pens, etc.

Calligraphy involves fine skill and attention to detail. Calligraphy is a profession too. Many people hire calligraphers to design and write wedding invitations, letters, logo designs and other graphic design work.

Graphology is the study of the characteristics of a person based on handwriting. Graphology is a pseudoscience and is used the world over to determine the psychology of a person.

A number of countries also admit a graphologist’s view as evidence in a matter that comes before a court of law. Though it is not considered conclusive evidence, it is certainly corroborative evidence.

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Therapy for Dyslexia

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According to Language expert, Marilyn Zecher of the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Centre students diagnosed with dyslexia find it difficult to read because their brains comprehend sounds, letters and their combinations inefficiently.

However, cursive writing can help. It aids in decoding because it combines hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and memory functions.

She explains “When the hands are involved, it’s a stronger association for learning and memory. When people write things, they remember them longer”.

Creativity at Its Best

With a pen and paper at your disposal, creativity is at its best. Doodling or the art of creating images in an unfocussed manner also contributes to improving handwriting.

Consequences of Bad Handwriting

An article published in The National Medical Journal of India stated that bad handwriting by doctors could lead to fatal consequences.

Now that we have seen the benefits of good handwriting, lets now take a look at the ways you can improve your handwriting.

Improving your handwriting allows you to take advantage of the benefits of good handwriting as seen above.

Use Good Writing Material

The first and foremost step towards improving your handwriting is to use good writing material like pens, pencils and paper.

Choose a pen that suits your style. You can try out different pens that are kept on trial at the store and decide which one works for you. Ensure that your strokes and curves flow smoothly before selecting your pen.

When it comes to pencils, there are different kinds available in the market. Some pencils cater to artists for example pencils for shading and drawing.

While other pencils are specially meant for writing. Always use Sharpened pencils.

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Grip the Pencil Properly

Having the right grip for the pencil is a must. To get the right grip, there are pencil grippers available in the market today.

These pencil grippers have contoured grooves that aid you in the right technique of holding a pencil.

Sit in The Right Position

Sitting in the right position also improves handwriting. Sit with a straight back on a comfortable chair. Ensure that the table is at the right level and you are able to place your arm and elbow inappropriately.


Practice written on a sticky note - CollegeMarker

As the saying goes Practice makes a man perfect, we apply the same principle with handwriting too. Practice your handwriting on alphabet formation worksheets.

Do not think that is kiddish to do so. After all learning from the basics is the key to good handwriting.

Today people are judged by their handwriting. That is why it is important to have good handwriting. Handwriting is very essential when it comes to taking down points and communication.

One small error in writing could render an entire message wrong. Therefore, it is safe to say that good handwriting is the key to success.

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