Top 10 Must Visit Famous Temples in Mangalore 2022


  • Mangalore – the City of Temples
  • 10 Most Famous Temples to Visit in Mangalore
  1. Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple Mangalore
  2. Kadri Manjunath Temple Mangalore
  3. Venkatramana Temple Mangalore
  4. Kukke Subramanya Temple Mangalore
  5. Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore
  6. Kateel Durgaparmeshwari Temple Mangalore
  7. Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple Mangalore
  8. Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple Mangalore
  9. Thousand Pillar Jain Temple Mangalore
  10. Karinjeshwara Temple Mangalore

Mangalore, the coastal city of Karnataka is known for its pristine beaches and authentic cuisine. The city is the capital of the Dakshina Kannada District and is home to an amalgamation of cultures and traditions.

Mangalore is also famous as a temple town of Dakshina Kannada with some of the most divine and spiritual temples of worship. It is interesting to note that the city gets its name from the deity Mangaladevi of the Mangaladevi temple situated in the port city.

Legend has it that a princess named Premaladevi from Malabar renounced her kingdom and became a disciple of Matsyendranath, the founder of the Nath tradition. Having converted Premaladevi to the Nath sect, Matsyendranath renamed her Mangaladevi. She arrived in the now Mangalore area, with Matsyendranath.

However, unfortunately had to settle near Bolar in Mangalore because of her ill health. She passed away here and the local people commemorate her death by building the Mangaladevi temple at Bolar. It was from this temple that the city of Mangalore got its name.

Mangalore has been associated with temple festivals and events from time immemorial. The fervour and passion with which temple festivals have been celebrated over the years is noteworthy.

When it comes to tourism in India, Mangalore is one among the top contenders. Nestled between the Majestic Western Ghats and the mighty Arabian Sea, Mangalore has a plethora of visual wonders. The city is not only known as a nature lovers paradise but also a city that attracts thousands of devotees to the numerous temples that dot the coastal city.

The temples in Mangalore are known for their intrinsic designs and breath-taking architecture. Each temple in Mangalore has a deep rooted history that is associated with the grandeur of the festivals.

Here are the Top 10 Famous Temples in Mangalore

1. Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple Mangalore


The Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple In Mangalore is one of the best temples in Mangalore. The temple is conveniently located in the midst of the bustling city, making it convenient for devotees to visit the temple often. The temple is dedicated to Gokarnatha, an avatar of Lord Shiva.

The temple was constructed at the behest of Shri Narayana Guru, a spiritual leader during the early 1900s. The temple was built with the contributions of a wealthy businessman of the time, Shri Adhyaksha Koragappa.  The main idol of the temple, the Shivling was brought by Shri Narayana Guru himself.

The temple has a gopuram structure that is typical to the temples of South India. The gopuram is decorated with idols and deities of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The temple is situated on sprawling acres of land and houses many mandapams or marriage halls. The white marble flooring in the temple provides a unique and beautiful experience to visitors.

Among the festivals celebrated in the temple, the most famous event is the Dasara celebrations in the temple. This famous temple in Mangalore is known world over for its tableau and Sharada Procession on the 10th day of Dasara. Idols of the nava durgas are decorated and kept in the temple for public viewing.

On the tenth day the nava durgas are taken out in the procession along with dance and musical tableaus. This festival gives a different fervour and look to Mangalore, with colourful lights and decorative banners. The beauty and grandeur of the temple is what attracts devotees throughout the year

Distance 2km from the heart of the city of Mangalore
Address Kudroli Road, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575003

2. Kadri Manjunath Temple Mangalore


Among the best temples in Mangalore, the Kadri Manjunatha temple holds a special place. The temple has an interesting history that dates back to around the 10th or 11th century.

The temple is believed to originate from Buddhism and the Cult of Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to get its name Kadri Manjunatha where Manjunatha relates to Shiva and Kadri is derived from Kadri Vihara which was a Buddhist monastery of Vajrayana cult.

The annual festival of the Jathra Mahotsava is the most famous festival of the Kadri Manjunatha Temple in Mangalore. The festival is for 9 days and starts in January on the day of Makar Sankranti.

This festival attracts crowds from all over India and the world. Food or anna prasadam is offered to the devotees during this annual festival. Also, during the festival several cultural programmes are organized in the temple premises.  The Kadri Manjunath Temple is known for its exotic architecture and design.

Distance 5km from the heart of the city of Mangalore
Address Kadri Road, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575001

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3. Venkatramana Temple Mangalore

Venkatramana Temple

Among the famous temples in Mangalore, the Venkatramana Temple is a must visit place of worship. The temple is located in car street, which got its name from the annual car festival or chariot festival held that takes place. The temple houses the main deity Lord Veera Venkatesha Swamy and is a popular place of worship for the God Saraswath Brahmin community in Mangalore.

The temple is adorned with gold and silver idols, trinkets, doors and frames from rich contributions by ardent devotees. Everyone who visits this temple has a calming and pious feeling in the temple.

The earliest known records of the temple dates back to around the middle of the 17th century when the idol of Sri Moola Venkataramana Devaru was installed in the shrine. It is said that the main idol Lord Veera Venkatesha Swamy was received in 1804 under interesting circumstances.

The annual car festival or known as Kodail Theru in local parlance is famously associated with the Venkatramana temple in mangalore. This temple festival is one of the most awaited events of the GSB community and attracts thousands of devotees from all over India and the world.

The festival usually falls during the end of January and the beginning of February during the Hindu month of Magha. The car street festival of the chariot festival is held for a period of five days followed by a jubilant festival of playing with colours or okkuli.

The car festival or kodial theru is a sight to behold. The temple comes alive during this period with food being served to devotees and visitors throughout the day.

Distance 3km from the heart of the city of Mangalore
Address Sri Venkatramana Temple, Car Street, Mangalore 575001

4. Kukke Subramanya Temple Mangalore

Kukke Subramanya Temple

Located in Dakshina Kannada. The Subramanya temple is regarded as one of the best temples in Mangalore. The presiding deity is Karthikeya in the form of Subramanya, the Lord of Serpents.

The temple is beautifully located amidst nature. The temple overlooks the mighty Kumara Parvath and Shesha Parvatha of the Western Ghat range. The beauty of the natural surroundings of the temple makes this holy place a must visit place.

The temple is famous for religious performances or pujas like the Ashlesha Bali puja and the Sarpa Samskara. These religious practices are performed to eliminate the dosha or the evil eye of the Kaalasarpa and sarpa dosha.

Distance 105 km from the city of Mangalore
Time By car, taxi or bus it takes a minimum of 2 and a half hours to reach Subramanya Temple from Mangalore
Address Sullia Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District, Sulya, Karnataka 574238

5. Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore

Mangaladevi temple

The very name of the city is carved out from the Mangaladevi Temple. The deity residing in the temple is that of God Shakti in the form of Mangaladevi. Legends have it that the temple was built by Parashurama, one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu and later expanded by Kundavarman, the famous king of the Alupa Dynasty.

The style and architecture of the Mangaladevi Temple is that of the state of Kerala. The dasara festival is celebrated with great pomp and fervour at the Mangaladevi temple. Pujas and rituals are performed on all the ten days of the festival. The tenth day is marked by the Rathothsava where the chariot of the Goddess is taken out on a procession and pulled in a grand chariot.

The Mangaladevi temple is a must visit temple in Mangalore. Learn the history and roots of how Mangalore got its name from this pious temple. The simplicity of the temple gives a guiding feeling to devotees in the city.

Distance 3 km from the city of Mangalore
Address Mangaladevi, Bolar, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575001

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6. Kateel Durgaparmeshwari Temple Mangalore

Kateel Durgaparmeshwari temple

The temple town of Kateel in Dakshina kannada is famous for the Durga Parmeshwari temple. The temple in Mangalore is situated on the holy banks of the river nandini and is considered one of the holiest and most religious sites for Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. It is believed that the main deity in the temple, that is of Goddess Durga Parmeshwari is a self manifested idol and not installed by human touch.

It is said that Arunasura, the minister of demons was so powerful and he would not allow yajnas or religious sacrifices to be performed. Hurt by the actions of Arunasura, Maharishi Jabali requested Lord Brahma to send Kamadhenu to complete a ritual. However, the Lord said that he would send Nandhini her daughter instead of Kamadhenu. Nandini refused to accompany the Maharishi and as a result the Maharishi cursed Nandini that she would be mortified as a river that flowed on the Earth’s surface.

Nandini prayed to Goddess Adiparashakti to lift the curse. However, the Goddess said that she cannot lift the curse but in due course of time she will be born from the river Nandini and relieve her from the curse. Satisfied with the answer, Nandini descended Earth in the form of river Nandini that flowed from Kanakachala Mountain

Meanwhile, Arunasura became more powerful on Earth and created havoc. To overcome Arunasura’s ill doings, Goddess Adi Parashakti took the form of a beautiful maiden, Mohini, to distract Arunasura who was smitten by her beauty. When he proposed to the Goddess, she refused and entered a rock. Arunasura broke the rock. This angered the Goddess who took the form of a bee and attacked Arunasura till he died.

Maharishi Jabali offered the furious Goddess tender coconut and calmed her down. Maharishi Jabali, requested her to make the place as her residing abode. Sri Adi Parashakti appeared as a Linga in the middle of the river Nandini. Thus, the legend of the Durga Parmeshwari Temple at Kateel.

The Kateel Durga Parmeshwari temple houses the legendary rock from which the Goddess took the form of a bee and ended the life of Arunasura.

This famous temple in Mangalore is known for its annual festivals and events. The Yakshagana performances by the devotees of the temple is said to be a personification of the Goddess herself.

Distance 29 km from the city of Mangalore
Time By car, taxi or bus it takes a minimum half hour to reach Kateel Shri Durgaparmeshwari temple from Mangalore
Address SH 67, Kateel, Mangaluru, Karnataka 574148

7. Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple Mangalore

Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Adorned as one of the most famous temples in Mangalore, the Sharavu Mahaganapathi temple in Mangalore is known for its simplicity and divine powers.

According to legend, Maharaja Veerabahu installed the shivling in the area as penance for striking a cow with an arrow. The arrow was meant to strike the tiger next to the cow. It was then called Sharavu Sharabeshwara temple. The name Saharvu is derived from the word Sharu meaning arrow.

In the later years, Lord Ganesha manifested Himself with ten hands, with ‘Siddhi Lakshmi’ on His left side, on the southern wall of Sharavu Shiva temple. Thus the legend of the Sharavu Mahaganapathi temple in Mangalore.

It is believed that Tipu Sultan planned to invade Managalpura and plunder the town of all its wealth. As he was resting on the ground infornt of the Mahaganapathi temple, on the night before the invasion, he had a nightmare of an elephant picking him up and flinging him to the ground. He was told that the nightmare was a result of Lord Ganesha’s wrath. On hearing this tipu Sultan did not invade the town of Mangalore and in fact constructed a Ganesha temple next to his palace in Srirangapatna

The Sharavu Mahaganapathi temple shrouded in interesting legends is one of the best temples in Mangalore. The temple attracts thousands of devotees every year and is known as one of the most famous temples in mangalore.

Distance Located in the heart of the city of Mangalore, Hampankatta
Address Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi temple, Mangalore 575001

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8. Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple Mangalore

 Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple

Another historical and famous temple in Mangalore is the Shri Kshethra Rajarajeshwari temple Polali. The sacred temple is located in Bantwal Taluk and is visited by many devotees and tourists throughout the year.

The temple is picturesque and surrounded by nature. It is located on the banks of the river Phalguni. It is believed that the temple was constructed by King Suratha who installed the image and placed his own crown on the head of the image. The deity of the temple is Porala Devi.

The temple organizes the annual football sporting event before the Avabritha festival. The sporting event is popular among the youth of the city of Mangalore.

Distance 21 km from the city of Mangalore
Time By car, taxi or bus it takes less than half an hour to reach  Polali Rajarajeshwari temple from Mangalore
Address Polali, Bantwal Tq, Dakshina Kannada District – 574 219, Karnataka

9. Thousand Pillar Jain Temple Mangalore

Thousand Pillar Jain Temple

Located in Moodabidri, a temple town in Dakshina Kannada, the Thousand Pillar Jain temple is a famous temple in Mangalore. Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani basadi, is considered as one of the largest of its kind in coastal Karnataka. It was originally built in 1430 CE. It is well known as the Thousand pillared temple (Savira Kambada Basadi) for its large variety of pillars in construction.

The Jain shrine houses an 8 feet idol of Chandranath. The town of Moodabidri is famous for its Jain shrines. It is often referred to as the Jain Kashi of the South. The temple was built by Devaraya Wodeyar. It is believed to have taken around 32 years to construct a beautiful and ornate temple.

The design and architecture of the temple is so intrinsic that it mesmerizes the visitors from the beginning. The detailing in each carving of the pillars and the deities is awe inspiring.

Distance 34 km from the city of Mangalore
Time By car, taxi or bus it takes around one hour to reach Thousand Pillar Temple In Moodabidri
Address Jainpete, Moodabidri, Karnataka

10. Karinjeshwara Temple Mangalore

Karinjeshwara Temple

Located in Bantwal, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the best temples in mangalore. The temple is located on the peak of the Karinja hill around 1000 feet above sea level. The temple is known for its natural beauty and legendary history.

The Karinjeshwara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. The temple is known for the monkeys that surround the temple. The temple offers food to the monkeys of the temple every day. The temple offers a peaceful space for devotees.

Distance 35 km from the city of Mangalore
Time By car, taxi or bus it takes around one hour to reach  Karinjeshwara temple
Address Bantwal Dakshina Kannada


The temples in and around Mangalore are known for their beautiful architecture and historical legends. The powerful temples attract thousands of devotees to this coastal city every year. Religious tourism has been one of the main attractions in Mangalore. Known to be the home of famous temples, Mangalore has been placed on the global map for temple tourism and religious festivals. Many devotees from across the globe attend religious festivals and events organized in these temples every year.

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