Enjoy Delicious Cuisine from 20 Popular Restaurants in Mangalore

Mangalore, a significant port city, has maintained its old-world beauty and is popular among visitors for its immaculate beaches, temples, and real seafood. The restaurants in Mangalore are fantastic places to sample regional food.

Mangalorean cuisine is as diverse as its population, which is made up of settlers from Udupi, Kerala, Goa, and north India, thanks to the range of cultures present there. The city’s dining culture, which offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine and adds countless flavors to your plate, is strongly influenced by this mingling of cultures. Due to its location along the coast, Mangalore is well known for its seafood, which is frequently prepared using local, fresh ingredients. Most Mangalorean dishes use items like coconut, jaggery, and curry leaves.

As is customary in South Indian towns, rice is the primary food source in Mangalore. As a result, rice is employed in many forms to create delectable Mangalorean specialties like kori rottis, pancakes, and pundis. Kori rottis are dry rice wafers. Sannas are spongy savory rice cakes (a round shaped soft rice dumpling).

Mangalorean food, which has a strong South Indian flavor, also features gently spiced sauces in keeping with regional tradition and the different cultures that make up the area. If you’re considering coming here, be sure not to miss out on sampling some of the unique Mangalorean food at some of the best restaurants in Mangalore.

1)Village restaurant


The popular family restaurant Madhuvan’s Village in Mangalore, which is a bit outside the city, is well known for its seafood, both local and imported, as is evident as soon as you walk in and see the live crab counter. North Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Mughlai cuisine are all offered at the best restaurants in Mangalore. A village-like atmosphere is created by the decor, which includes thatched roofs, wooden furniture, and clay pots. The “village” is separated into five different cottages, each with a different theme and a laid-back and pleasant ambiance to make the guests feel at home.  Village restaurant in Mangalore is surrounded by a lush landscape. The eatery has valet parking as well.

Must-try items:

The most popular menu items at this restaurant are the chicken sizzler, peri peri chicken skewers, Taiwan chicken, chicken junglee kabab, murgh ghee roast, and butter naan.

Address: Airport Rd, Yeyyadi, Mangalore

Timings: 11.30 AM – 11.30 PM

Average Cost:1000 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

2)Machali restaurant

machli restaurant in mangalore

One of the well-known restaurants in Mangalore where you may sample the mouthwatering seafood of Karnataka is Machali Mangalore, which is run by a Konkani family. Even though there may be a line to get a table, the delicious food and pleasant atmosphere make the wait worthwhile. You know what they say about good things that come in tiny packages. Machali is one of the restaurants in Mangalore that is small and has a small staff.

Must-try items:

Once you arrive, you must taste the fish thali, a dish that consists of a serving of red rice, a curry primarily consisting of fish bones and scraps, a vegetable dish, and a thick yellow dal prepared in Konkani manner. Other dishes to try are their prawn biryani, squid ghee roast, crab ghee roast, and anjal tawa fried.


Sharada Vidyalaya Road, Kodailbail, Mangalore, is located behind Ocean Pearl.


11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 7: 00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Average Cost: 800 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

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3)Barbeque nation in Mangalore

Barbeque nation in Mangalore

Customers rave about the Indian food at Barbeque Nation in Mangalore. Trying properly prepared seekh kebabs, grilled prawns, and fried fish is a wonderful experience. Good kulfi, vanilla ice cream, and gulab jamun are all available here. You’ll probably return to this eatery later to get some scrumptious lemonade, iced tea, or juice.

Barbeque Nation in Mangalore is renowned for its excellent customer service and helpful, cheerful personnel. Prices are typical in this area. It’s always beneficial to try new things and take in a relaxing atmosphere. This location deserved 4.4 on Google, according to reviews from visitors.

Address: 3rd Floor, Mak Mall, Father Muller’s Rd, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India

Timings: 12PM-3:30PM;  7PM-10:30PM

Average Cost: 700 for two people 

4)Bamboo restaurant Mangalore


The Bamboo restaurant Mangalore specializes in dishes including Mutton Mundi, Mutton Chops, Bamboo Biryani, and Kizhi Biryani. The environment, mood, and flavors that make a visit to the Bamboo Restaurant in Mangalore and Bangalore so unforgettable have been attempted to be replicated by Bamboo eateries. They want you to have a taste of South India’s vibrant cultures throughout your visit to their Bamboo restaurant.

Their goal is to provide consumers with delicious, freshly prepared food at reasonable prices.

Address: Boomika Tower, Bendoorwell Circle,

                    Kandandy, Mangalore           

Timings: 12PM-3:30PM;  7PM-10:30PM

Average Cost: 700 for two peoples

5)Shetty lunch home Mangalore 

shetty lunch home

One of the best restaurants in Mangalore, Shetty Lunch Home, is a perfect spot to try the Chicken Ghee Roast, the city’s most well-known culinary export. Shetty Lunch Home was founded in 1960 and is based in Kundapura, Udupi. The origins of Mangalore’s fabled and highly revered chicken ghee roast can be found here. In order to grow its business, a new branch was also established along the way in Mangalore. Non-vegetarian diners must try the variety of seafood selections offered at this cozy restaurant before leaving Mangalore.

Shetty Lunch Home Mangalore was founded in 2014 and offers a variety of authentically flavorful classic coastal cuisine in addition to several innovative seafood specialties. While many seafood establishments offer the same coastal specialties, Shetty Lunch Home-Adyar stands out because it serves cuisine in the manner one may anticipate a coastal home serving it—with rice and fish curry along with a vegetarian dish and also a sweet dish to complete the fiery meal.

Must-try items:

The seafood, murgh ghee roast, fish curry, neer dosa, beer, kori roti, and biryani are the most popular dishes here.

Address: Opposite Don Bosco Building, Balmatta, Mangalore

Timings:11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.; 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Average Cost:500 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

6)k9 restro Mangalore

k9 restaurant Mangalore

The first “dog cafe” in Mangalore has opened its doors and is prepared to serve both animal lovers and their canine companions. The eatery, known as “K9 Resto Mangalore,” launched in mid-April and offers fast eats as well as Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine.

K9-Resto Mangalore, located in Sharbat Katte next to Yeyyadi, offers two levels and a designated basement area just for people and their pets. The eatery really has a separate kitchen just for making food for dogs.

There are currently nine dogs of different breeds living inside the cafe, including a Husky, a German Shepherd, a St. Bernard, a Labrador, a Retriever, a Cocker Spaniel, a Chow Chow, a Pug, and a Retriever. These dogs interact with the customers’ accompanying pets and are trained to do so.

Address: Sharbatkatte, KPT Jct, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575004

Timings: 11.30 AM -10.00 PM

Average Cost: 500 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

7)Olive restaurant 

olive restaurant Mangalore

Compared to other family-run restaurants in Mangalore, Olive Restaurant Mangalore is completely unique. The ambiance, privacy, caliber of the meal, the staff’s professionalism and friendliness, etc. It’s absolutely wonderful. the ideal location for meetings and family meals. When you eat in such private shacks, you won’t feel like you’re at a public eatery (cabins). The surrounding jungle or natural environment is the nicest thing. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s time to experience it.

Address: 3rd cross, road, opposite karavali utsav ground, Ladyhill, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575004

Timings: 11.30 AM -11.00 PM

Average Cost:

500 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

8)Pai tiffins Mangalore

pai tiffins mangalore

After visiting Sri Venkataramana Temple, you can dine here. Visitors can eat vegetarian food at Pai Tiffins Mangalore. Come here for nicely prepared masala dosa, sambar, and soup if you’re hungry. The majority of the guests agree that tea is excellent.

The attentive staff is what makes this establishment successful. Individuals emphasize professional service in their comments. Users of Google who visited this location claim that 4.3 is the best rating.

Address: Mangalore, India’s Karnataka state MAHALAXMI BUILDING, Car Street

Timings: 7 AM -11.00 PM

Average Cost:

500 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

9)sizzler ranch Mangalore


This restaurant will disprove your assumption that traditional cuisine dominates the Mangalore food scene. Sizzler Ranch Mangalore, which opened in 2008, is one of Mangalore’s most well-liked eateries and is noted for its smokin’ hot western fare. Despite being a sanctuary for meat lovers, this Mangalore eatery also offers a wide selection of vegetarian sizzlers. Both indoors and outside, there is seating.

Must-try items:

Despite the massive main meal quantities, you must have their sizzling brownie before leaving. The BBQ chicken sizzler, chicken shashlik, jalapeno balls, and sizzler ranch are the most popular menu items here.

Address: Nehru Avenue Road, Lalbagh, Mangalore; Beatle Apartment

Timings: 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.; 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Average Cost:

700 INR for two individuals (approx.)

10)Thyme Mangalore   

One of the most renowned restaurants in Mangalore where you can count on having a fantastic time with your family and friends is Thyme Family Restaurant. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant with a wide selection to pick from, including Indian, Chinese, Continental, and fusion, and it is located inside the Bharath Mall. The food provided in Thyme Mangalore is excellent, and the restaurant has a few artistic artworks on the walls and modest decor overall.

Must-try items:

The cheesecake, pasta, manchow soup, dal makhani, and basil rice are the most popular dishes here.

Address: Mangalore’s Bharath Mall, Bejai Road, next to the KSRTC bus stop

Timings: From 11.30 to 3.15 and 7.30 to 11:15

Average Cost: 700 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

11) hao hao Mangalore 

hao hao restaurant in mangalore

You should book a table at this restaurant if you have never experienced Indian and Chinese food. Tasteful chicken soup, Thai chicken, and chicken satay are among the popular dishes served here. The majority of visitors advise trying good ice cream.

One benefit of Hao Hao Mangalore is the delivery of food. The attentive waitstaff here is praised for their originality. Cool service is important to these restaurant owners. You must pay a fair price for your meal. This location has a beautiful atmosphere and elegant decor.

Address: Essel Willson, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India, 575002

Timings: 11.15 AM to 3 PM, 6.21 PM to 10.22 PM

Average Cost: 700 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

12) Punjabi dhaba Mangalore

Punjabi dhaba is one of the wonderful and beautiful veg restaurants in Mangalore. The decor is intended for a fine eating experience. The excellent quality of food stimulates the appetite for additional delectable foods. The punjabi dhaba Mangalore is excellent for punjabi meals with more heat, as the name suggests. One will enjoy eating at the Punjabi dhaba meal of good quality at a fair price. Both an a/c and non-a/c section is offered. Cooking takes some time, so quality is preserved.


Mischief mall, lower ground floor, KSR Road, near Sharavu Ganapathi Temple Road, opp. lic building, Hampankatta, Mangaluru, Karnataka

Timings:12:30 to 3:30 and 7: 00 to 11:00

Average Cost: 500 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

13)Sai palace restaurant

sai palace mangalore

After admiring Milagres Church, if you’re still hungry, head over to Hotel Sai Palace restaurant in Mangalore for lunch. There are Mughlai and Chinese delicacies to sample here. In Sai Palace Restaurant Mangalore You may always have deliciously prepared chicken, soup, and biryani.

This business delivers food to make things simpler for its customers. Many visitors think the personnel is attentive. Professional service is what sets Hotel Sai Palace apart.

Address: Opposite City Center Mall, KS Rao Road, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India

Timings:11 a.m.–3 p.m. and 6 p.m.–11:30 p.m.

Average Cost:700 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

14) Royal treat Mangalore

royal treat mangalore

Locals enjoy the Mughlai food at Royal Treat Mangalore. At the Royal Treat Family Restaurant, enjoy delicious soup, chicken biryani, and butter chicken. Good coffee will be provided for you.

This business is well known for its friendly staff who are always willing to help and for exceptional customer service. The fair prices at this establishment merit attention. You will find that the calm atmosphere is exactly what you need after a long day at work. This eatery had a very favorable rating from Google users: 4.3 stars.

Address:  VVC4+GQX, Bendoorwell, Bendoor, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575002

Timings: 12 AM to 3 PM, 7 PM to 10 PM

Average Cost: 800 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

15)Gajalee Restaurant

gajalee mangalore

On top of a hill, you’ll find Gajalee Mangalore, which is not only one of the best restaurants in Mangalore but also one of the best in the entire nation. Gajalee Sea Food, which was formerly a circuit house during colonial times, completely lives up to its name in Mangalore by serving some of the greatest seafood in the area. With French-style windows and white walls, the atmosphere is pretty charming. This eatery welcomes kids and is suitable for business gatherings.

Must-try items:

A vast range of seafood, chicken and mutton dishes, squid and clam dishes, rice preparations, and other foods are available on the menu. The tandoori lobsters, schezwan lobsters, bombil fry, and butter pepper pomfret will pamper your taste with vibrant flavors, however, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Address: Kadri Hills Vasanth Vihar, Circuit House Compound, Mangalore

Timings: 10:30 to 3:00 and 6:30 to 11:00

Average Cost: INR 750 for two people (approx.)

16)kabab studio Mangalore 

kabab studio mangalore

The restaurant known for its excellent kababs and barbecue is called Kabab Studio Mangalore. One of the restaurants Kabab Studio Mangalore strives to exceed our customers’ expectations as a member of the Goldfinch Hotel, and we look forward to providing you with the utmost care and attention for an unforgettable dining experience. A genuine live barbeque is also available at Kabab Studio Restaurant, along with a fully licensed bar that is well-stocked with all the preferred libations and wines you might imagine to complement a satisfying meal. Kabab Studio Mangalore bars and restaurants strive to provide the highest caliber cuisine in a welcoming and comfortable setting.

Address: Goldfinch Hotel, Bunts Hostel Road, Near Jyothi Circle, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575003

Timings: 12.30 AM to 3:30 PM; 7 PM to 11 PM

Average Cost:1,500 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

17) Tandoor express Mangalore

tandoor express

A fine dining establishment in the center of Mangalore. Tandoor Mangalore is an air-conditioned, multi-cuisine pub and restaurant that provides our customers with outstanding value by serving a variety of south Indian meals, particularly Mangalorean seafood specialties.

A convenient location that is roomy and has a straightforward interior design is ideal for gathering with friends and family. Squid Ghee roast and Marvai sukka (clams sukkah), two of our specialties, are meals you simply must eat if you wish to sample Mangalorean seafood. One of the main benefits of frequenting this location is the local cuisine. This means the chicken kebabs are simply amazing.

Tandoor Mangalore can also deliver your favorite meal right to your door if you live in Mangalore.

Address: Boloor, Kodailbail, Jail Rd, Mangalore, Karnataka 575003

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Average Cost: INR 200 for two people (approx.)

18) ocean pearl restaurant 

ocean-pearl mangalore

The Ocean Pearl restaurants Mangalore combines traditional luxury, contemporary indulgences, and exquisite comfort in a stunning setting that offers a one-of-a-kind combination of breath-taking views combined with plush spaces and facilities, excellent service, and a promise of experiencing Mangalore like never before.

Both the Wi-Fi and the parking are always free, so you are free to come and go as you choose. This hotel places you close to attractions and intriguing dining alternatives because of its convenient location in Mangalore’s Kodialbail neighborhood. Don’t leave without stopping at the renowned Mangalore Airport. The on-site restaurant and fitness center are accessible to guests at this top-notch, 3-star resort.

Address: Navabharath Circle, Kodialbail, Mangalore – 575 003, Karnataka, India

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Average Cost:1000 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

19) trattoria mangalore  

Trattoria Mangalore offers its customers some of the highest quality and variety of pizza. The restaurant offers a wide variety of delectable pizzas together with an attractive and artistically decorated atmosphere.

Address: Near Shanthi Nilaya, Balmatta Ground, Balmatta, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575002

Timings: 12 to 3 PM and 6:30 to 10 PM

Average Cost:700 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

20)Maharaja restaurant

maharaja mangalore

One of the best restaurants in Mangalore, Maharaja is favored by families looking for a location to eat a cheap lunch or dinner. It also features a sizable air-conditioned area and a seating arrangement outside. You may enjoy mouthwatering varieties of north Indian cuisine, along with vegetarian and non-vegetarian ghee roasts, at this restaurant, which is praised for its friendly personnel and prompt service.

The ghee roast, neer dosa, caramel custard, thali, kori roti, and malai kofta are the most popular meals here.

Address: Bunts Hostel Road, Hampankatta, Mangalore

Timings: 11.30 to 3 and 6.30 to 11 o’clock

Average Cost: 700 rupees for two individuals (approx.)

Why Should You Try Mangalorean Cuisine?

With its location on the Konkan coast, Mangalore has an unexplainable abundance of coastal foods like coconut oil, seafood, and rice. These staples make up the majority of the native cuisine in the city. Because Mangalore is also the location of the river Netravati-Gurpur, which offers a variety of freshwater fish including payye (silver biddy), thede (catfish), Kane (lady fish), denji (crab), and more, you might find both freshwater and saltwater fish dinners here.

Although the majority of discussions about Mangalorean food center on seafood, this seaside town has a diverse menu of dishes from other countries. You will be spoiled for choice between the vegetarian diet of the Konkani Mangaloreans, the chicken ghee roast from the Tulu group, and the sorpotel that the Christians prepare to perfection.

When choosing a restaurant in Mangalore, try to eat at one of the locally owned eateries, such as those on this list. This has the added benefit of being more genuine, and you might get to sample new foods and ingredients as well as have incredible experiences that are more in line with the local way of life. Visit these restaurants in Mangalore to experience the city’s diversity and delectable cuisine for yourself.

Which restaurants in Mangalore are ideal for couples?

In addition to serving traditional Mangalorean, South Indian, Chinese, and North Indian food, Pallkhi also offers a bar. The restaurant is well-known in Mangalore for its delectable cuisine and cozy supper atmosphere. Pallkhi also provides space for candlelit meals and rooftop seats. The restaurant also offers breathtaking views of the city center of Mangalore. While providing a cozy atmosphere, the restaurant can accommodate big groups as well. Couples can also consider Gajalee, Ocean Pearl, Village, and Sizzler Ranch.

Which is the best Indian restaurant in Mangalore?

The majority of restaurants in Mangalore serve delicious Indian food. Great choices include Ocean Pearl, Gajalee, and Village. Gajalee is a hilltop restaurant in Mangalore well known for its seafood. The eatery has a bar, local food, seafood, Indian food, and gluten-free options. Gajalee was formerly a circuit house that was popular during the British era. Whitewashed walls and French windows in the restaurant’s outside sitting area contribute to the ambiance.

Which are some of the best seafood restaurants in Mangalore?

Macchli, Gajalee, and Hotel Narayana are the top seafood restaurants in Mangalore. From humble beginnings, Hotel Narayana developed into a well-known restaurant renowned for its taste and flavor. The eatery serves Indian and seafood dishes. The restaurant is most known for its fish dishes and fish fries. The restaurant was initially a place where those who worked at the harbor could eat, but it is now a destination eatery.

Which is the best Chinese restaurant in Mangalore?

Chinese food is available at a number of restaurants, including Pallkhi, Village, Maharaja, and Sagar Ratna.

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